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Bulldogs Earn More – commanding the No. 1 Starting Salary in Michigan. To start, 99% of our first year students receive financial aid.


The Ultimate Mobility Vehicle

The Ultimate Mobility Vehicle – a car with legs developed to take anyone safely anywhere – is at the heart of this episode’s discussion with the UMV’s developer, John Suh, founding director of Hyundai’s New Horizon’s Studio. We were joined by Kettering President Dr. Robert K. McMahan to address various related topics like asking the right question and changing assumptions, that arise when engineering on the edge.

Philanthropy Report 2023

Philanthropy Report 2023

Learn about how alumni and corporate partners support students and ease their financial worries.

Students working in the MRC
Student in lab
Philanthropy Report 2023

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Kettering University's groundbreaking concept of an education where practice meets theory in equal measure began more than 100 years ago as a night school for engineers, managers, designers and technicians in the rapidly-evolving automobile industry. Today Kettering is a world renowned STEM-focused institution where students show drive and determination in solving real-world problems.

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Whether you are an undergraduate or graduate student, our degree programs ensure you are armed with the education to master your career.

The future of transportation is focused on mobility technologies.

Advanced Mobility

Because Kettering University has automotive in its DNA, it's no surprise our students and graduates are defining the future of autonomous vehicles, electrification and connectivity.

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Kettering University's Co-op program is unlike any in the country, giving students income and more than two years of hands-on experience in the workplace before graduation.

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Clubs and organizations that connect our community are all part of the Kettering experience. Whether it's engineering ways to help local residents, e-sports, aerospace, academic and professional societies, robotics or even rock climbing - you'll find something to inspire you.

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Kettering University consistently ranks among the top universities in the  U.S. News & World Report. For 2022, they named Kettering as one of the schools with the Best Engineering and Computer Science programs, the Best for Veterans and the Best in Midwest. In 2021, The Princeton Review listed Kettering among the top 50 universities for our Entrepreneurship program. And the College Gazette called Kettering the #1 in Automotive School and the #2 Hidden Gem in Tech Schools.

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